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Our Mission:
SSI International Inc.  focuses on providing professional outsourcing services that connect US with China. Satisfaction, Savings and Efficiency are our goals to serve clients and business partners.


What we do:
SSI International Inc. provides a full range of services for American and Chinese businesses seeking new opportunities or developing business networks in each otherís country, including sourcing, consulting, trading  and logistic services. Click to know more about our services, and some of our products

Board of Advisors:

Shenjun Yu:  Professor, Chairman and Board of Directors of China Bio-engineering Research Institute
Fuqing Wu: Senior Engineer, Honored Member of National Mechanics Institute
Daozou Xu : Senior Engineer, Former Director of Bureau of China Quality and Technology Supervision
Lizhen Qian : Doctor, Member of China High-technology Development Committee
Songgang Wu : Professor, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xuejun Cai : Former Director of Intellectual Properties Institute
Zezhang Yu : Former Judge of China Supreme Court

Corporate Partners:

SSI Outsourcing established business relationships with many US and Chinese government agencies, business associations, trade shows/expos, and universities, such as  Chinese Ministry of Commerce,  Chinese provincial business or trade agencies, New York City municipal government, Singapore, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Hangzhou and other about 50 US and Chinese cities; US National League of Cities, Chinese Council for Promoting International Trade, US National Association of Export Companies, US Federation of International Trade Association and other business and trade associations; Guangzhou Trade Show and other about 20 trade shows; Columbia University, New York University, City University of New York and Chinese Universities such as Fudan University, Shanghai Technology and Science, Tsinghua University. Currently we have members across industries and regions.

Corporate Structure :

We have several branch offices or affiliated subsidiaries including Fujian Zhongke Huabao Group, Miaoshi Footware Inc. We have offices in New York City, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore.

We also own manufacturing facilities  for footwear, metal forging and electroplating and mechanical products (See pictures below).


A Factory Building in South China Footwear Factory
Machining Factory Press and Die Cast Factory
Do you know the top ten tips to outsourcing success?
1. Clearly define the scope and schedule for your project
2. Evaluate a service provider like youíd hire a full-time employee
3. Look for specific experience fit
4. Donít choose a vendor based  solely on price
5. Review portfolios and samples
6. Start small
7. Tie payment to clearly defined project milestones
8. Negotiate ownership of work up front
9. Donít forget about support after the project is complete
10. Get it in writing


Core Partners / Investors

Ministry of  China Commerce


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