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SSI International  provides a full range of services for American and Chinese businesses especially small-medium sized companies seeking new opportunities in each otherís country. As a professional and experienced service agent, we can assist you in designing, researching, sourcing, consulting,  trading and logistic services.

Sourcing Services

We have the neutral source for unparalleled information, network and resources, customized services, and solution to help you achieve success in outsourcing, if you wish to have business relationship with China or Asian manufacturers.We carry a full range of services for you but with a focus on helping you locate satisfactory manufacturers in China. We have two unique strengths to assure of your success.

Why Should I Choose SSI?                                    

Outsourcing Leader : Recognized by media for our neutral and innovation, we track the progress of sourcing and deliver information, events and transactions facilitation for  pain-free outsourcing among  buyers and sellers across industries. We are reputed for unbiased thought leadership and best practice expertise in all stages of the outsourcing process and full range of outsourcing specialties.

Business Network: Our network can be tailored to satisfy your specific needs and interests, whether you are buyers, service providers or industrial influencer. More than 48,000 executives participate in our business network. You can too.

Our sourcing services include:

  • Research: review and analyze your sourcing needs
  • Communication: we will assign you our professional service representative to communicate your specifications and designs to our engineering team in China . With strong bilingual skills, our representatives will facilitate communications between you and manufactures in China.
  • Locating: select reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners to satisfy your requirements 
  • Quotation: fast response with price and quality information
  • Negotiation: competitive bids from suppliers and manufacturers in China
  • Quality Control: details below
  • Shipping and Delivery Arrangement: assist in coordination of air freight/shipping requirements, assist in customs, insurance, tariffs and legal issues

Quality Control                                              

Our philosophy of the quality control is to do the best at delivering top manufacturers to you, with commitment to the highest standards of reliability, excellence and performance.

As specialists in various industries, our team of professionals are capable of understanding your requirements, expectations, and specifications . We know your industries so that we can provide you quality services throughout the entire process and feed back you  timely and effective information. We employ  quality assurance approaches such as supplier auditing, production surveillances, statistical control, continuous training and  laboratory certification.  Afterwards, corrective action plans are created and implemented to maintain high quality levels when necessary.  

Patent / New Product Conversion          

Provide one-stop service for your patent, help you succeed in production, packaging, delivery. Reduce the risk of conversion from drawing to mass-manufacturing. Ensure quality and reasonable cost.

1. You send your inquiry to us, email or fax providing raw drawings, material specifications. Our professionals will review your documents and understand your product.

2. To protect your patent and product design, we will follow the non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement between you and us. Then we will give you a quote on the price of samples, quantity-based unit price.

3. Once we have an agreement on the samples, we produce samples for your approval. You will receive the samples for quality verification.

5. After you approve and release the trial order, we start production of your order.

6. Through out the entire production process, we maintain a strict standard inspection and monitor quality control.

7. After all products  passed the quality checking, your order will  be packed and shipped to the designated location.

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What are the benefits of sourcing in China through us?

Best price

Reliable Quality Assurance

Saving Time and Trip Cost

No Communication Barrier

No Cultural Barrier

No Legal Barrier

New Potential Market

On-time Shipment

Service Commitment


What are  your specialized industries?

Though we can provide you with a wide range of services, we have strong expertise in the following industries:

1.Apparel & Textile
2.Crafts & Gift
3.Electronic Products 
4.Shoe &Footwear 
5.Glass & Ceramic Product 
6.Home & Garden
7.Machinery Equipment  
8.Medical Equipment
9.Office Product 
10.Printing and Paper 11.Product 
12.Plastic & Leather
13.Sporting Goods  

( If your product industry is not listed here, we can hire external specialists and would also recommend you to  contact us by clicking here . )

How to use manufacturing service in China?
Take time to build a sound relationship with your Chinese Counterparts.
Establish the right management structure for your relationship in China.

Engineering is needed on both sides.
Recognize the importance of family relationships in China.
Participate  in social activities as part of  the business processes
Political connections are important to expedite the business process.

















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