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During our over ten years of business operations, we have accumulated a lot of success stories. We grow up with you and you will also grow with us. Below are only a very small number of our success cases.

Case1: New Product Development -- Silent Pencil Sharpener

We initially started with consumers' complaining that the existing pencil sharpeners are too noisy. Then the retailer and us came up with the idea of making silent pencil sharpeners.  After some raw designs, we sourced several manufactures for the manufacturing process. Finally we selected a manufacturer who is willing to share with us the product refining, technological improvement. After a dozen of trials and testing, we succeed to make this unique silent pencil sharpener and applied patent for it. The product has a great impact on existing pencil sharpeners. To view this silent pencil sharpener, please click here


Case2: Home Decoration and Fabric Products

We assisted in  US large distributors of flags, wind wheels, wind socks and other fabric toys to establish long-term supplier relationship with China Manufacturers. One of the manufacturers grew up from a family factory and has become a large company with 500 employees. The US distributor also grows fast and is a dominant whole seller in US markets. Their product lines enter the retail stores of Wal-mart, Target and Walgreen's. More Information


Case 3: Shoe and Textile Products

Customer Name: Walgreens
Customer Need: Light sneakers and easy hats
Our Service: Quality is a major concern for the buyer. We conducted multiple strategies to assure of consistent quality, which include factory investigation, manufacturing process auditing, sampling and testing. The buyer is extremely satisfied and has ordered shoe products continuously for 5 years. 


Case 4: Office Products

Customer Name: Officemax, Staples and 99 Cents stores
Customer Need: pencil sharpener, pens, markers, scissors, etc.
Our Service: We integrated multiple small-medium sized manufacturers of office products and arranged their contracts with the procurement of these retailers. In this way, small-medium sized manufacturers can  aggregate their products, and the retailers can achieve a huge cost savings.

Case 5: Electroplate, Metal Forging Processes
Customer Name: Universal Instrument Inc., Binghamton, NY
Customer Need: Several kinds of forging, casting and dies
Our Service: We located two manufactures in Fujian, China that deliver the same quality products but with 50% lower cost. We also assisted in formulating long-term cooperative relationships between them.


Case 6: Importer and Distributor Service

Customer : John Brady, Vice President
Company :
ACN Import Co.

We appreciated very much for your help . The product lines we imported from Chinese manufacturer through your sourcing services have been qualified. What is more, the cost is much lower than what we originally imported . We also expanded our business and customer base,  which is a great success to cooperate with SSI for outsourcing. Thank you again !

John Brady

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What Takes to Succeed in China ?

Focus, execution, and a thorough understanding of the local competitive dynamics are keys to running a successful business in China, panelists said at a recent Harvard Business School executive roundtable.
The four keys to business success in China are:

Operational excellence. US companies take full advantage of low labor costs, low costs of raw materials in China, and linked supply chains with Chinese partners.

Sharp focus. All the companies focused on and invested in a strong core business.

Astute technology acquisition. The companies are adept at either buying the right technology outright or doing technology transfer deals to get what they need

Strong partnerships. US companies find the right partners and build strong relationships with Chinese partners.

-- Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting Report






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